Bentonville Implant Dentistry

A Comfortable Alternative to Dentures

If you’re missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, we know you’re not looking or feeling your best. Do you find yourself covering your mouth when talking to people? Do you turn down invitations to dinner and other social gatherings because you’re embarrassed about missing teeth? Do you move away whenever someone pulls out a camera or does every picture of you feature a closed-mouth grin? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, talk to us about these procedures. It’s time to stop hiding and start living.

At Adair Dental Arts, we strive to provide a full range of options to ensure your optimal dental health. We offer mini-implants, All-on-4 dental implants, and implant-retained dentures so your smile can look and feel fantastic. Implants will not slip, have the same look and feel as real teeth, preserve jaw bone density, and restore full chewing ability.

If you are a candidate for Dental Implants, contact Adair Dental Arts at (479) 273-3306 for an initial consultation today!

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