Does your child use a pacifier or suck their thumb?

If your child has a sucking habit either with a pacifier or thumb, they most likely have narrow jaws and crooked teeth.  Any sucking habit prevents the lips and teeth from coming  together. Over time the oral muscles become weak. The tongue starts to thrust and this creates an open bite.

Some other symptoms that come along with sucking habits are messy eating and swallowing incorrectly. While sucking on the pacifier or thumb, a reversed swallow occurs which affects the way the teeth and jaws come together. These children can end up having difficulty with speech, become chronic mouth breathers and can be prone to ear infections.

This can be effective for any age so the sooner the better!  Even if your child does not have teeth yet, this is the best time to break the habit with a myo munchee.

What exactly is a Myo Munchee?

The myo munchee is an appliance that is designed to be used in the mouth instead of the thumb or pacifier. The child chews on the appliance which uses muscles to help correct the bad habit. Another benefit is that more saliva is produced which helps them to learn to swallow correctly.

How does it work?

The child should actively chew on it 2 times a day for 5-10 minutes, in combination with a couple of exercises recommended for the lips and tongue. Doing this for as little as 6 months will help re-train the tongue to be in the correct tongue position in the roof of the mouth.  It will often eliminate the tongue thrust, helping the teeth come back together.

If you are having troubles getting rid of these habits, this could be the solution!

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